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The Unabashed School of Dance

THE VISION for the UnAbashedschoolofdance is a foundational one. In order to fulfill the larger vision of developing a professional Christian dance company, UnAbashed will open its doors to the community at large to provide a safe haven for dance. theUnAbashedschoolofdance will offer sound dance instruction in accordance with the belief that God is the author of all things and therefore we shall strive to make Him apart of everything we do. At its core and above all else, the school will emphasize the overall importance of a personal relationship with our triune God, who, from eternity past, has planned the way for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. While teaching how the discipline of dance can be a good model for our life with God, the school will also show how dance can be a tool in helping us honor our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. The hope is to establish a community forum of dance for all ages and abilities as we exalt the name of the Lord with dance.


12 Carlisle Street, Hanover, PA 17331