Downtown Beautification Streetscape Plan - Public Meeting Report

Downtown Beautification Streetscape Plan - Public Meeting Report

May 1, 2018

Main Street Hanover and the Borough of Hanover, along with the Downtown Economic Development Committee, the Streetscape Sub-committee and the Main Street Hanover Design committee are all excited to share with you the presentation from the first public meeting for the Streetscape Design & Beautification Plan along with the feedback that was received.

Thank you to the over 125 people who attended and provided the planning consultants , Simone Collins, with information that can be used to shape the future of downtown!

Attached you’ll find the full presentation along with the full Simone-Collins report. Report notes are also found below.


Attendees were asked to interact with three boards prior to the start of the presentation. This exercised allowed attendees to express their interests and help shape the future streetscape plan. The three boards were:

• Where Do You Go - Attendees were given 5 dots to place within the project at their most visited places. This helps inform movement patterns and destinations.

• What is Your Streetscape (Physical Elements) - Attendees were given 5 dots to place on a chart next to desired physical elements. This helps inform what is most desired within the community.

• What is Your Streetscape (Programmatic Opportunities) - Attendees were given 2 dots to place on a chart next to desired physical elements. This helps inform what is most desired within the community.


Following the interactive activity at the beginning of the meeting. The consultants provided a quick introduction to the project:

1. Michael Bowersox, Borough Manager, introduced the project, thanked attendees and introduced the project team Simone Collins Landscape Architecture (SC).

Hanover Borough: Streetscape Design and Beautification Plan 2

2. Bill Collins with SC kicked off the meeting. Ryan Parisi with SC gave a brief presentation

on the project scope, a walk-through of the project area, and historical imagery of the


3. SC will conduct meetings with PennDOT, Focus Groups, and a project Steering

Committee throughout the process. The next public meeting will be held on Thursday,

September 20th at 6pm at the Library.

4. Following the presentation, Bill Collins facilitated a brainstorming session that engages

the community in a discussion about project goals, facts, concepts and partners. Ideas

were written on cards and posted on a board. All ideas were honored and represented.

Cards are provided below:

CARD TECHNIQUE (brainstorming session):

# Goals

• Identify a preferred streetscape concept

• Provide safe passage throughout the Main Street District

• Design for future generations wellbeing

• Connect to the history of the area

• Develop a phased approach to implementation

• Establish harmony with design elements

• Hanover is unique

• Develop an identity for Hanover

• Create a Green Downtown

• Economic revitalization

• Develop a funding strategy

# Facts

• The Rotary Club is currently refurbishing the benches downtown

• Downtown is a Tree City

• There are vacant buildings downtown

• Vehicular speeding occurs on York Street

• Lots of truck traffic

• Truck turning radii are wide

• Adaptive traffic signals are being installed on PennDOT roads (194, 94 and 116)

• There are parades downtown

• Re-paving by PennDOT is going to occur downtown in the near future

• Hanover Borough is currently revising their zoning

• The Borough is looking at a vehicular bypass

• The Borough has an existing signage ordinance

• There is a Land Bank

• Historical York - Hanover Trolley Line

• Center Square was a roundabout

# Concepts

• Implement more Street trees

• Consider an elevated pedestrian walkway

• Look to provide more transit for Seniors

• Design for all forms of art

• Consider parking privileges for local business owners

• Concerns that traffic circles can limit pedestrian crossing

• Look at adding murals downtown

• Provide for increased recycling opportunities

• Consider citizen incentives

• Do not provide barriers (planters) along the street

• Look to implement stormwater treatment in alleys

• Provide additional lighting

• Improvements need to be made to the conditions of the sidewalks

• Compare different center square concepts

• Improve signage, both vehicular and wayfinding

• Implement pedestrian (green) alleys

• Design aesthetic wayfinding signage

• Traffic circles usually provide a constant flow

• Assess and consider bike routes in town

• Provide safe bike parking

• Add pull-off areas for bus stops

• Need to address parking concerns

• Provide more public spaces downtown

• Add security personnel

• Establish a central icon in the Borough, maybe the horse statue

• Soul of the community

• Consider relocation of utilities with current PennDOT work

• Business owner concerns need to be addressed while construction is happening

• Provide information about the duration of construction

• Study the Gettysburg traffic circle as a precedent

• Assess trash pick-up location and look to move trash cans off major streets

• There are concerns over the functionality of a traffic circle and if it will improve

current conditions

• Look to foster educational development through design

• Improve communication throughout the Borough

• Provide additional social media outreach

• Design considerations should look to address the homeless and underprivileged

community as well

• Design a bike-friendly community

• Attract the youth to the downtown sector

• Look at ways to inspire kids

• Showcase the diversity of individuals and shops in the Borough

• Provide additional and more desirable events

• Assess and consider safety with improvements

• Address pollution and waste and design with the environment in mind

• Create a defined downtown boundary with physical elements

• Continue and improve upon maintenance in the Main Street District

• Establish accountability

# Partners

• Spring Grove Seniors

• Hanover Historical Society

• Rabbit Transit

• Rotary Club

• Arts Guild

• Art Alley Committee

• York County Industrial Development

• York County Rails / Trails

• Assisted Living Partnerships

• New Hope Ministries

• Hanover Council of Churches

• Service Organizations (elks, lions, etc.)

• Garden Club

• PennDOT

• Main Street Hanover

• Homewood Community

• Bretheren Home

Public Meeting Presentation
Public Meeting Notes
Interactive Board: Where do you go Downtown?
Interactive Board: What Streetscape Physical Elements are most important to you?
Interactive Board: What Programmatic Opportunities would you like to see more of?