Main Street Hanover receives $75,000 for Streetscape Plan and Wayfinding Signage Projects

Main Street Hanover receives $75,000 for Streetscape Plan and Wayfinding Signage Projects

December 21, 2017

Main Street Hanover was recently notified of their award of two grants for the downtown. The first award is to fund a planning study for the design and beautification of Center Square, with a comprehensive streetscape plan. The second award is to implement some of the recommended changes with signage for pedestrian and automotive traffic, increasing the wayfinding signage for downtown users. More details are to come on the projects and their timeline.

Below are snippets from the grant applications to provide a sense of the potential scope of both projects.

Hanover Streetscape: Design and Beautification Plan

The Plan would chart a multi-year and multi-phase approach that yields momentum, real visible progress and optimism. The selected consultant will help define and refine the community’s vision, design the streetscape improvements, prepare conceptual design drawings, and prepare construction/engineering drawings that will allow the Borough to bid the project. The program improvements that will be laid out in this plan are to include but are not limited to:

  1. New street furniture
  2. Pedestrian-scale street lights and signals
  3. Landscaping
  4. Sidewalks and crossings with decorative hardscapes
  5. Wayfinding and street signage enhancements
  6. Public art
  7. Gateways
  8. Aesthetics and cleanliness
  9. Traffic flow and stormwater maintenance, MS4 recommendations

This plan will evaluate the feasibility of implementing a new traffic pattern in Center Square. Once the plan is complete, we will have a design plan that offers the flexibility of using the plan with the existing traffic pattern or a new roundabout traffic pattern.

In addition to the above improvements, the plan will study and provide the recommendations below:

-Signage inventory of the Main Street District and recommendations to improve wayfinding, including strategies to work with PennDOT to reduce signage discrepancies and sensory overload.

-Parking, including entrance and surface visibility recommendations as well as an analysis of quality and quantity of parking with improvements.

The goal of the Plan is to provide a safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sustainable streetscape plan that includes pedestrian spaces and walkways that accommodate people of all ages and physical abilities.

Wayfinding Implementation Project:

York County Tourism Grant Program has awarded Main Street Hanover, in the amount of $50,000 for the updating of historic wayside markers throughout Hanover. With the updating of these markers, there will be a new coordinated historic brand for the area. In order to make this brand one that resonates we are in need of funding to pay for additional like-branded signage to better brand the downtown area and elevate its place value.

The proposed project includes the possible following updates and new installation of pedestrian and automotive wayfinding signage

The four categories of signage will include, but are not limited to:

Parking Lot signage

Gateway signages

Hanover Trolley Trail signs

Visitor Signage