Brewery Olympics 2023 Press Release

Sep 12, 2023 | News

Downtown Hanover Breweries Invite You to the 3rd Annual Brewery Olympics!
Brewery Olympics Partnership with the Destination Brand for York.

  • Beer Launch: Saturday, September 30 from 6-8 PM at the participating breweries
  • Olympic Games: Saturday, October 14 from 11am-2pm in Downtown Hanover

Aldus Brewing, Fat Bat Brewing Co., Sign of the Horse Bierhaus, and Something Wicked Brewing Co. are excited to announce the 3rd Annual Brewery Olympics in downtown Hanover, presented in partnership with Explore York and the destination brand for York County to benefit Main Street Hanover.

Join us for a friendly physical competition in downtown Hanover, while supporting Main Street Hanover’s mission to revitalize the downtown district. This year we’ll also be launching the destination brand’s beer, York County Olympic Ale, created specifically for this event.

“Explore York is a proud sponsor of Main Street Hanover’s Brewery Olympics,” said Melissa Beaverson, Director of Destination Marketing at Explore York. “This collaborative community celebration exemplifies York County’s makers spirit and is a shining example of one of the many great events that make our area a great place to live and visit.”

Everything kicks off on September 30, 2023, when we launch York County Olympic Ale at all four participating breweries. This Brewery Olympics exclusive is an amazingly drinkable amber ale with moderate maltiness and slight notes of piney citrus from cascade and centennial hops. In-person registrations for the games themselves will also be available on the evening of September 30th. Online registrations will be open until the day of the games or until all the team spots are filled. Only 16 teams will be accepted.

The games will take place on October 14, 2023, as teams of four compete in events testing strength and skill in four main events.  These competition events presented by each brewery will award points to the competing teams. The top scoring teams will compete in the final event, a team relay race featuring varying sized kegs to carry and race across the finish line.

Winners of the gold medal will get the ultimate beer lover’s dream – participating in the brewing experience of a beer from start to finish at one of Hanover’s breweries.

Don’t want to participate in the games? Come and watch the fun, while enjoying York County Olympic Ale!

Proceeds from team registrations benefit Main Street Hanover. “Main Street Hanover has done a lot for the breweries, and the downtown area as a whole, so this is our way of giving back,” said Jon Sanders, manager of Something Wicked Brewery in Hanover.

Do you have what it takes to win the gold medal?

For more information or to register your team of four for the Brewery Olympics competition, visit

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