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Our mission is to expand the economic capacity of downtown Hanover.

Main Street Hanover (MSH) launched in January 2013, a collaborative effort between Hanover Borough, Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce, Partnership for Economic Development of York County, and York County Economic Alliance. Following the Main Street Four Point Approach© of Organization, Design, Economic Restructuring and Promotion, the community has embraced the revitalization movement.

Main Street Hanover applied for and received 501c3 status in October of 2018, thus launching a new chapter for the effort.  Now a stand-alone non-profit organization locally run by an appointed board of 11 community leaders, we can maintain our partnerships while focusing on expanding our impact.  We are excited about the growth and future of the downtown and our organization. 

The mission of Main Street Hanover is to expand the economic capacity of downtown Hanover, thus improving the business environment, enhancing the quality of place, and increasing community synergy.

About Hanover


The town of Hanover in York County, Pennsylvania was laid out in 1763 around a hub of five radiating streets which led to towns and cities in southern Pennsylvania and in Maryland (Abbottstown, Baltimore, Carlisle, Frederick, and York). This lucrative location at the prominent center of commerce provided goods and services to scores of travelers.

Railroads brought further economic well-being to the town and its prominence as a trade center increased. Industries anxious to take advantage of this profitable access to outlying markets began to locate along the railroad tracks in northern Hanover.

This economic boom prompted railroad activity and Hanover entered into its most prolific period of building construction during the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

As a continued hub of industry, it is the second-largest and second-wealthiest town in York County, and is continuously growing. As of 2012, there were 15,289 residents living within the 3.7 square miles encompassed by the Borough. With consistent growth and development, many new neighborhoods as well as commercial areas surrounding the downtown continue to be built and expand the Hanover community.

Our Vision

Crossroads of History & Heritage

In 2012, the Hanover community created the following vision for Downtown Hanover: Hanover, Pennsylvania, at the crossroads of history and heritage in the southwestern corner of York County, is a bucolic residential community and a bustling hub of industry and innovation. Centrally located, Downtown Hanover is easily accessible, at the intersection of PA State Routes 94, 194 and 116, and a relaxing scenic drive from Gettysburg. Experience Downtown Hanover as an affordable place to live, an ideal place to work, a vibrant place to shop, and a fun place to be.

This vision is realized and will become a reality as a result of a unified, coordinated, and progressive group of private, public, and non-profit stakeholders and community members.

As a way of life.

Downtown Hanover is an inviting home to young professionals, families, and empty nesters, where people choose to live and work in a walkable and healthy community, enjoying a high quality of life. Utilizing upper floor living opportunities, downtown offers a variety of unique and creative places to be and to be seen. Gather on the Square and town’s many parks, meet new friends and connect with old ones for a quick lunch, a relaxing dinner, or an evening concert.

As an economic & industrial hub.

Supported by an educated workforce focused on lifelong learning and a strong work ethic, Downtown Hanover is the center of inventive and traditional manufacturing and industry. By sustaining and investing in local artists and innovators, start up businesses, or lasting generational establishments, the spirit of entrepreneurship is strong and thriving in Downtown Hanover.

Appreciate the rich historic character.

Downtown Hanover’s storied past and legendary colonial and Civil War history provide the foundation for discovering and honoring those who have come before – from the town’s sturdy German roots to tales from the Battle of Hanover. As a first time visitor or a lifelong resident, stroll through town and enjoy the strong preservation ethic while marveling at the historic architecture including Colonial Revival and Queen Anne style buildings.

Enjoy food, glorious food.

Whether it’s enjoying the bounty from the Hanover Farmers’ Market, sampling the flavors of Hanover’s local snack food kings, or dining at outdoor cafés, neighborhood pubs, and local bistros, Downtown Hanover appeals to a variety of tastes. Celebrate a special occasion, grab a quick bite, or enjoy an everyday meal and delight in locally-grown food and locally-inspired cuisine.

The Future of Hanover

Discover how we plan to continue to transform and develop Hanover.

Key Staff

Justine K. Trucksess
Executive Director
717-637-6130 x 101

Lauren Bupp
Event and Merchant Coordinator


Main Street Hanover Board of Directors:

Gary Laird, Chairperson, Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce
Daniel Frey, Vice Chairperson, Barley Snyder
Nikki Hoffman, Treasurer, Stambaugh Ness
Kevin Gulden, Secretary, Utz Quality Foods
Casi Murren, Director, Utz Quality Foods
Donna Muller, Director, UPMC Pinnacle Hanover
Drew Derreth, Director, Hanover Valley Presbyterian Church
Jess Kelley, Director, Snyders-Lance, Inc
John Scola, Director, Hanover Public School District
Mindy Crawford, Director, Preservation PA
Nan Dunford, Director, Borough of Hanover

Strength in Support

Our Sponsors

Main Street Hanover would like to thank the following businesses for their support. It is through your generosity that we are able to fulfill our mission to provide the Hanover community with a strong foundation through the development of programs and events that showcase the downtown area.

Please consider becoming one of our partners and joining our team of resources – together our downtown businesses and our community will prosper. For more information, please contact Justine Trucksess.

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