Hanover Egg Spot & Share

Apr 10, 2020

We have created a space where you can share and document eggs that you see around town! This space is an open Facebook event called “Hanover Egg Spot & Share.” We have noticed that many families are being creative with how they are doing Easter eggs this year from coloring paper eggs, painting rocks, and making clay ones to hang around Hanover. We Love This! We were brokenhearted when we couldn’t do our Downtown Egg Hunt so we wanted to create a platform where you can share the eggs you create and the eggs you find! We are encouraging you to post photos of the “eggs” you may find on your daily walks.

Some ideas to celebrate and get creative if you do not have access to hard boiled eggs.

  • Paint rocks and place them around your walks for people to spot and share later!
  • Color egg design print outs (we created some for you to download!) – Hanover_Color&Share_Eggs & HanoverEdition_Color&Share_Eggs
  • Make collages with scraps of paper and cut them out in the shape of eggs

We are not encouraging you to actively go out and find eggs, but if you happen to find one or are looking to share what you may have created, this Facebook Event is the place to do so!

Happy Spotting and Sharing and we hope you all are doing well.

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