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Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Goodson

Nov 2, 2022

“Volunteers are the answer to getting things accomplished.” – Andrea Goodson

The volunteer community is the heartbeat of Main Street Hanover. Without their help, many of our annual events and programming would not be possible. This is especially true during the Christmas season.

Christmas in Hanover is a decades old tradition that both locals and tourists alike can enjoy. Everything from Santa’s Cabin to the tree lighting ceremony, and so much more is made possible thanks to the volunteers who make up the Hanover Christmas Committee. This group truly brings the spirit of the season downtown!

One particular Christmas elf from the committee, Andrea Goodson, was recognized this year at the Pennsylvania Downtown Center’s 2022 Townie Awards in the Volunteer of the Year category.

For Andrea, knowing she can make a difference is what drives her as a volunteer. “Many times, it’s a small difference, but it adds up to those needing help”, she says.

In speaking with her more, she shared what being a committee member means to her.

What does Christmas in Hanover mean to you?

It means that the Borough comes alive with warmth and happiness. It seems that everyone loves Christmas in Hanover, and all the cheer we spread. We work all year long to bring about six weeks of happiness and joy for everyone. Whether it’s kids at the cabin or lifelong residents attending the parade route, it means they’re happy. It means that Hanover will always be a wonderful town!

What drives you as a volunteer in Hanover?

Knowing that I can make a difference. Many times, it’s a small difference, but it adds up to those needing help. I tell people to help for just an hour, any amount of time, that it matters. Volunteers are the answer in getting things accomplished. Too many times I see the “someone should do something” comment. We can all do something! And, because I just love Hanover!

What is your favorite Christmas in Hanover tradition?

That’s a hard question! But probably our Santa’s Cabin. We have a magnificent Santa and a gorgeous cabin. We never charge for entry, you can take as many free photos as you like, we never hurry anyone through their visit and now our ramp entrance allows for everyone to have inside access. We have had visitors as young as a few days old to adults in their mid-90’s. When we hear that people drive two hours just to visit the cabin, some stop on their way to the airport to make certain they get their cabin visit in! Or when a timid child doesn’t want to go inside to chat with Santa and then leaves their visit with a smile, a bag of Utz chips and a candy cane – those are the reasons we do everything we do. The Santa Cabin is magical for everyone.

Where would you like to see Christmas in Hanover 5 years from now?

I would like to see more events for everyone to enjoy! I also want to see our events and decorations expand even further throughout the town. We have added more of both in the past few years. but I see more growth in the future! We are really working to expand, as our name states, to Christmas in HANOVER.

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